Detailed Description

Budgets That Work!

With Budgets That Work! you can quickly prepare and update any type budget you create.  In 'Budgets That Work!' you will be able to setup up one or several budgets for all your financial goals.   For example, you could set up budgets for household income and expenses, retirement spending, your childs education, vacations, higher education costs, business purchases and projects, funeral expenses, rental property income and expenses for cash flow analysis, etc.  There are so many possible uses for this program and you decide what budgets to set it up and how to track them.

Budgets That Work! works inside MyQue™* PCs text files so you can attach or list your budgets in specific files where you can make as many notes and plans as you want.  Plus you can also access your Budgets from the main screen in MyQue™ to view, update and print all you budgets in an instant. 

Developed by Steve Heller, CFP ® EA, with over 25 years' experience consulting clients on all aspects of financial planning and taxes.

* You will need to have a working version of MyQue™ PC installed on your computer.