Detailed Description

Trader Metrics for MyQue™

~~Trader Metrics for MyQue™ is tracking software for traders. 

It allows you to track these metrics for each trade in all your strategies:

  • Create separate P&Ls for each strategy
  • Win/Loss Ratio
  • Average Wins and Losses
  • Return on Investment
  • Expectancy
  • Max Consecutive Losses

Now you can easily record: Description, Amount Invested, Amount Risked, Date/Time, and Profit/Loss $ for each one of your trades.  This is a great system for the day trader because it works inside our MyQue™ PC version. 

With MyQue™ you can quickly track your trades with the details above.  Plus, you can add a screen capture* of any chart and further notes to help you really narrow down what is and isn't working.  With Trader Metrics for MyQue™ you'll know, in an instant, how well each of your strategies are performing.


* You will need a screen capture program like Snagit 10, 11, 12