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Trading Journals Made Easy

Trading journals are you key to success as a trader.  They help you see what and how you have been trading and where you are going with your trading.  Without the use of a trading journal its easy for trading to turn into gambling, but with a well documented journal you are in much better position to improve your skills.  

Some of the topics in this book are: 'Why you need to Record your Progress when Trading', 'Steps to Follow when Keeping a Journal','Your Goal should be to Find High Probability Trades','Trading the Right Markets at the Right Time','Profit Targets', 'Learning to Identify High Profitability Trading', 'How to Determine Your Trading Style','Common Types of Trading Strategies','The Importance of Paper Trading', 'You Need a Trading Plan', 'What is a Trading Plan','Questions on Temperament, Risk Tolerance','Tracking Trading Metrics','Valuable information to Record when Trading','Webinars', 'Some of the important points to record in your trading journal','Strategy Trading List and How to Turn your List into Affirmations', 'Real World Trading Journal'.

  •   A Trading Journal Records Your Progress as a Trader
  •   What is a Trading Strategy?
  •   Strategy Building with Technical and Fundamental Indicators
  •   You Have to Know What You are Trading, When and Why
  •   Questions on Temperament and Risk Tolerance
  •   Trading Journal by Strategies for Key Metrics
  •   Other Important Concepts to Record in your Trading Journal
  •   How to get the most out of Educational Firms and Webinars
  •   Create a Trading Journal Template for Each of Your Trades
  •   Create a Strategy-Trading List to Review Before the Market Opens
  •   Sample 'Real World' Trading Journals
  •   Trading Journal are Your Record of Successes and Losses
  •   Set Aside Time to Review your Journal Weekly

Written by Written by Steve Heller, CFP ® EA, Certified Financial Planner™ and Register Representative with H.D. Vest Investment Securities, Inc. for 10 years and with several years experience as a day and swing trader.  'Trading Journals Made Easy' will motivate you to create the records you need so you can gauge and improve your trading skills.  It is the missing link for long-term successful traders.