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Write an Outstanding Business Plan - Create an Effective Business Plan in 2 days or Less

In 'Write an Outstanding Business Plan' we show you how to create a effective business plan in 2 day or less.  A business plan covers all the important aspects of your business and helps you manage your business more profitably.  Whether you are seeking financing, direction for your business, attracting key employees and suppliers, or trying to improve the bottom line of your business 'Write an Outstanding Business Plan' will help write an excellent business plan.  Some the topics covered are: 'Who Needs a Business Plan?', 'Key Elements of a Business Plan', 'Advantages of having a Business Plan include Motivation, Focus, Keeps Costs Under Control, Defines Objectives, Better Management', 'Disavantages of having a Business Plan include Shortage of Supplies, Poor Financial Management, Productivity Issues, Lack of Well-defined Objectives, Poor Communications', 'Setting Business Goals', 'What to Look for when Searching for Business Plan Writing Services', 'Top Business Plan Writing Services and their Costs', 'Top Business Plan Software Programs'.  Plus much more.  

Chapters included are:

  • What is a Business Plan and Why is it important to have One?
  • Benefits of Planning Your Business
  • Disadvantages of not Planning Your Business
  • Business Planning is Goal Planning for your Business
  • Business Planning Services
  • Elements of Successful Business Plans
  • Worksheet to Develop a Business Plan
  • Business Plan Software and Templates
  • Develop your Plan in One Day or Less

Written by Steve Heller, CFP ® EA, Certified Financial Planner™ and Licensed to Practice Before the IRS.  He has over 25 years experience helping businesses succeed with business management, accounting, taxes and business planning.  Not only will  'Write an Outstanding Business Plan' help you write a clear and effective business plan, but it give you the peace of mind that you have done all you can do to plan for the success of your business.