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Tax Resolution Offers - Pros and Cons

Although tax resolution offices play a major role in helping people handle their tax problems, there are quite a number whose activities border on being a scam. Some of these firms represent a risk to the taxpayers since they often misrepresent what they can do, in addition to charging exorbitant rates without actually helping their clients deal with their tax issues. Some of the topics covered in the book are: 'What are Tax Resolution Offices?,The Cost of Using Tax Resolution Offices to Settle Your Taxes, IRS Tax Audit Methods, Offers in Compromise, Your Rights during a Tax Audit, How Tax Garnishments Work, What to Do to Avoid a Tax Lien Situation, Your Rights in Relation to a Tax Levy, Examples of Tax Resolution Scams and Red Flags for Tax Resolution Scams'. Plus much more.

The chapters included in this book are:

How Do Tax Resolution Offices Operate?
Tax Audits, Statute of Limitations, IRS Release your Tax Obligation
Offers in Compromise and Garnishments
What is an IRS Tax Lien and Tax Levy?
When the IRS Places a Tax Lien on Your Property or Levies Your Property, What Are Your Rights?
Legal Cases against Tax Resolution Offices
Do You Really Need a Tax Resolution Office?

In 'Tax Resolution Offers - Pros and Cons' you will learn the red flags to watch out for before hiring a tax resolution expert. Plus you will learn the complete IRS process to collect your taxes, from Tax Demand Notices to Tax Liens and Levies. Written by Steve Heller, CFP ® EA, Certified Financial Planner™ and Licensed to Practice Before the IRS, he has over 25 years experience preparing taxes and representing tax payers at all levels of the IRS. This book is a must read before you put your hard earned money down on a tax resolution offer. These offers are not all scams, but be prepared before you employ a tax resolution expert.

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