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Estimated Taxes, Tax Records, Penalties and Tax Fraud

What can really get you into trouble with the IRS? 'Estimated Taxes, Tax Records, Penalties and Tax Fraud' will help you steer clear of these dangerous waters. More and more people need to file estimated taxes as more people work from home and pay their own taxes. Some of the topics and questions answered in this book are: 'Making Your Estimated Tax Payments, Tax Records to Keep, Are Scanned Documents Acceptable to the IRS?, What Constitutes Tax Fraud?, Examples of People Who Defrauded the IRS, What May Trigger an IRS Audit?, 10+ common types of tax penalties and interest, plus much more.

Chapters included are:

IRS and State History and Rules for Estimated Taxes
Important Websites and Software for Preparing and Paying Your Estimated Taxes
Preparing and Mailing 1040-ES
Estimated Tax Worksheet
Personal Tax Penalties and Interest
Keeping Your Tax Records
Tax Fraud

This book is packed with useful tips when dealing with the IRS. And they come from over 25 years experience from a practicing accountant preparing taxes and representing taxpayers before the IRS. This is a must read if you are self employed. It will give the peace of mind you need to handle the back end of your business. Also written for those not self employed, but are contemplating tax penalties and what tax records to keep and how long. Tax fraud can land you in jail, along with stiff fines, with 'Estimated Taxes, Tax Records, Penalties and Tax Fraud' you will be prepared.