Detailed Description

Set and Reach Your Financial and Other Goals

'Set and Reach Your Financial and Other Goals' covers all the aspects you need to set and reach your goals. Your goals must be written and analyzed from time-to-time in order to give you a road map to follow. Some of the topics in this book are: 'Goals give clarity to your vision, Prioritizing Your Goals, Create a flexible and detailed plan for achieving your goals, How to Visualize Your Goals, Breaking your goals into sub-goals, How Affirmations Help You Achieve Your Goals, Benefits of Recording Your Milestones. Plus much more.

This book includes these valuable chapters:

Why Goals are so Important to Us
Some Goals have more Priority Than Others
Setting Realistic Goals
Goals Require a Plan
Timelines are Critical in Reaching Your Goals
Visualize Completing Your Goals
Sub-Goals to Main Goals
Using Affirmations
Recording Milestones
When is a Goal an Achievement
Using MyQue to help you Reach Your Goals

Plus more...

This invaluable resource will help you reach your financial and other goals if you apply the concepts in its pages. Written is easy to follow text, this is a method you can use over and over again. Set your sights high and achieve the quality of life you have always dreamed of.