Detailed Description

Goals Managed Become Goals Achieved

In 'Goals Managed Become Goals Achieved' you will learn how to create a written plan to achieve your important life and business goals.  By creating a written 'blueprint' to reach your goals you add a level of commitment, which can make the difference between success and failure with your goals. With written plans, you can rework goals and add new ones whenever you need.  Some of the topics included in this book are: 'Personal and Business Goals', 'Long-term and Short-term Goals', 'Main Goals and Sub Goals', 'Ranking Your Goals', 'Make Your Goals Achievable and Specific', 'Making Your Goals Realistic, Measurable and Time-bound', 'Visualize Your Goals', 'Track Your Progress'.  Plus more...

Chapters included are:

  •     Type of Goals
  •     What Goals are you Really Inspired By?
  •     Prioritizing Your Goals
  •     Prioritizing Your Goals worksheet
  •     How to Effectively Reach Your Goals
  •     Hold Weekly or Monthly 'Goal Review Sessions'
  •     When is a Goal an Achievement?
  •     Persist Until You Succeed or Cannot go any Further

'Goals Managed Become Goals Achieved' provides you with a master plan to reach your goals.  Don't be mislead with the idea that you can juggle all your goals in your head, there is just too much that can change.  In 'Goals Managed Become Goals Achieved' we help you setup a goal plan in writing, so you can adjust and rework it to achieve your dreams.