Detailed Description

Be Your Own Investment Advisor

'Be Your Own Investment Advisor' shows you the importance of creating investment portfolios based on your tolerance for risk. Since your tolerance for risk can be different for each of your investments, you should know how much risk you are willing to take for each one.

Topics included in this book are:

How to Determine Your Risk Tolerance?
How Much Do you have to Invest?
Definition of Balanced, Aggressive Growth Funds, Index Funds and ETFs
Day Trading is high risk Trading
Asset Allocation
Assets Allocation Work Sheet
Be your own Investor/Trader by doing your own Research
Expected Returns and the Real returns
Knowing your Market
Portfolio Tracking

'Be Your Own Investment Advisor' will be an invaluable tool to help you decide what to do with your investment funds. Written by Steve Heller, CFP ® EA, Certified Financial Planner™ and registered representative with HD Vest Investment Securities, Inc. for 10 years. Knowing how to invest your money is half the battle and 'Be Your Own Investment Advisor' will guide you from start to finish.