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Create Your Own Financial Plan - Volume I

In 'Create Your Own Financial Plan - Volume I' learn how to create financial plans in several key areas. Here are some of the topics covered, 'Why Pay Off Your Debt Early?, Ways to Pay Off Debt, Benefits of Creating an Emergency Fund and How Much Do You Need in Your Emergency Fund?, How to Plan Your Retirement and Why is Planning Your Purchases So Important?.

Covered in this first volume are:

Paying Off Debt Early
Debt Payment Worksheet
Emergency Savings
Emergency Savings Worksheet
Retirement Planning
Monthly Retirement Plan Worksheet
Planning New Purchases

Financial freedom and success do not come easy for most people. You need to create your financial plans carefully and then have the determination to stick with them. Written by a Certified Financial Planner™ with over 25 years of on the job experience. The text is written in easy to understand language as if you were in the author's office listening to his advice. Take the time to plan your financial future so you can achieve all your financial goals.