Detailed Description

Affirmations to Live By

In 'Affirmations to Live By' learn to create positive thoughts to help you reach your life and financial goals.  Learning this skill will help you overcome negative thinking that keeps many of us from succeeding in our projects.  Some of the topics cover in this book are: 'Benefits of Affirmations, How to create your own Affirmations, How to be In Tune with Yourself, Negative thoughts you will be surprised you had, How to Manage Negative Thoughts, Change Your Thinking for greater Peace of Mind, Ways to Overcome Negative Thoughts in Others'.

The chapters in this book include:

  • What are Affirmations?
  • You Have to be in Tune with Yourself
  • What we Commonly Talk About
  • Common Negative Thoughts
  • Mind Your Thoughts: Positive or Negative Thoughts Determine Your Mood
  • How to Change your Thinking for Greater Peace of Mind
  • How to Memorize a List of Thoughts
  • How to Develoe Constructive Converstions with Yourself
  • Overcome negative thinking in others

Plus more

Also included are worksheets to help you change old negatvie thinking with new positive ones.  With 'Affirmations to Live By' you will learn to develop your own affirmations and not ones that are general and not specific to you.  Your positive or negative thinking determines the outcome of many of your dreams and goals in life.  Apply the concepts in 'Affirmations to Live By' for success in achieving your goals.