Idea and Goal Management program for Individuals and Businesses

The uniqueness of MyQueTM is that there is No limitation, except your imagination!


Features of MyQueTM

Files & Folders System

Unique short and long term filling system with Drag n' Drop File Management.

Goal Manager

With our Goal Worksheet you can setup goals and Track your progress

Banner System

Quickly setup and manage scrolling banners for reminders, goals and affirmations.

Internet Research Tool

Easily copy text and pictures and interactive site links to files when searching the internet.


Brainstorm your ideas and create outlines you can easily interact with.


Included is a complete set of Utilities to increase functionality and Help screens to guide you every step of the way.

MyQue™ is where you can Effectively Interact with all your ideas & goals and bring them to life! Utilizing our easy to navigate file and folder process, you can associate ALL files, folders, text, URL links and so much more to any subject.

Imagine the possibilities with the ability to work from a single location by integrating files, folders, goals and timelines so you can easily create a master plan on any subject. MyQue™ is perfect for doing research, keeping journals, writing eBooks and doing Outlines, but these are just a few examples. The uniqueness of MyQue™ is that there is No limitation, except your imagination!

'MyQue™ is Awesome! Way Cool.'
Scott M, Major Software firm in Austin, TX

'This program has real value. It will help propel your life forward.'
Sean K, Real Estate Investor

'There's no doubt that this program is one that will keep you on track with your diet. I've counseled thousands of patients for weight loss over the years and wish I would have had the MyQue™ program for them. They didn't like keeping their own records but with this program, it's a lot easier to write down what was eaten, and find out where they went wrong if no weight loss occurred during the week.'
Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

'No longer is the DASH diet a healthy living and weight loss option -- it is a lifelong-balanced approach to holistic health improvement, too. Now combined with the groundbreaking new program - MyQue™, it can help you achieve a healthy weight.'
Vanice Kristle, MD

'The Sky is the Limit with MyQue™. Go MyQue™!!'
John H, Pastor

'MyQue™ is fantastic. It will help you to stay better organized, make your life easier, and multiply your efficiency.'
Ikechukwu I.

  • Create or Merge PDF Files
  • Import Files including 'Evernote'
  • Add Images to Goals
  • Track Achievements & Goals Reached
  • Unique Search Function by name and date
  • Ability to bring up Recently Viewed Files
  • Outline Worksheet for Brainstorming your ideas
  • Password Protect Files
  • Archive files and folders
  • 'Using MyQue™' complete user manual

'Loved your work! It's Brilliant!' -Dr. Donna Schwontkowski

'Groundbreaking Program' -Vanice Kristle, MD


Students, Writers, Researchers, Dieters, Stock Traders, Teachers, Project Managers, Business Owners and anyone with goals and projects they want to Achieve!

MyQueTM Screenshots

MyQue™ is a Full Featured dynamically engaging Idea generator. With MyQue™ you can quickly update and track any subject you can think of and with the ability to setup timelines and have active reminders, you will always be on track. Whether you're a Professional looking for an edge of an individual just looking to get organized and save time, MyQue™ is the software you have been looking for!

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MyQueTM Web version Prerequisite: Internet Connection

MyQueTM Computer (PC) Prerequisites:


Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Microsoft .NET
Framework 4

Download .NET Framework